The decision to file for bankruptcy in Oklahoma is one of the hardest decisions you or any resident of Tulsa will ever make . Contrary to what many people say, the decision to file bankruptcy in Oklahoma is never taken lightly by those who face it. It is only done after everything else that can be done to avoid it has been done.

Therefore the only way to make the best and smartest decision about filing bankruptcy in Oklahoma is to know the facts about bankruptcy and whether it is your best option.

VISIT OUR BANKRUPTCY OVERVIEW to get the best information you need to make the decision on whether bankruptcy in Oklahoma is what you need.

Knowledge is power and you need to know all of your options so you can solve whatever debt problems that are disrupting your life and taking away your peace, joy and prosperity.

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So how do you know which Tulsa Bankruptcy Lawyer to Hire? There are many to choose from but not every Bankruptcy Attorney Tulsa is created equal.

It really comes down to two factors and I always tell my clients that these two factors are how I would hire any Attorney in Tulsa.

#1 – Do you think they know what they are talking about?

#2 – Do you feel comfortable talking with them?

Bankruptcy Attorney Tulsa Can Advise You On Your Decision to File for Bankruptcy and Your Rights


There are really two types of bankruptcy cases that help most consumers and small business owners living in Tulsa: Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.


What is Chapter 7 bankruptcy? It is what most people think of when they hear the word bankruptcy. As a Bankruptcy Attorney Tulsa, I can advise you on whether Chapter 7 is the right choice to solve your debt problems and get you a fresh start while keeping your property.


What is Chapter 13 bankruptcy? It is a longer type of bankruptcy case that allows you to catch up on past due payments and is used to stop mortgage foreclosures and all you to keep your home. As an experienced Tulsa Bankruptcy Lawyer, I can advise on whether it would be better for you to file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy case, based on your situation and the outcome you want to see happen.


Many people in Tulsa fear the word bankruptcy.  That is mainly because there are many false myths surrounding filing for bankruptcy. As a Bankruptcy Attorney Tulsa with many years of experience helping people just like you,  I will explain the truth to you and give you real options to being debt free.

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