Bankruptcy Tulsa Overview



If you are considering a Tulsa Bankruptcy, these topics will explain basic principles of bankruptcy so that you can understand how bankruptcy works and how it may help you:

  • What is Bankruptcy?
  • The Automatic Stay
  • The Bankruptcy Discharge
  • Bankruptcy & Credit Scores

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Explained - If you are considering a Tulsa Bankruptcy, the following will teach you everything you need to know about filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Tulsa:

What is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

What Happens When You File Chapter 7?

What Happens to My Property?

What Happens to My Debts?

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Discharge


Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Explained - If you are considering a Tulsa Bankruptcy, the following will explain how Chapter 13 is different from Chapter 7 and why you would file a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy:

What is Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

Why File Chapter 13?

How Chapter 13 Works

The Chapter 13 Plan

Chapter 13 Discharge


Bankruptcy in Oklahoma is a legal proceeding under federal law to help honest Oklahoma citizens who are experiencing difficulty paying their debts. Article One of the United States Constitution gave the federal government the power to enact uniform bankruptcy laws from day one of the United States. In addition, the Founding Fathers realized that in a capitalistic society, industry and employment would experience ups and downs.

While bankruptcy in Oklahoma is a safety valve for people who find themselves victims of those economic ups and downs, it is also the path to a more productive life. Most of all, it can give true relief after exhausting all efforts to pay debts. The Founding Fathers also recognized that a citizen who can start fresh by getting out from under crushing debt will be a more productive member of society. This is why bankruptcy is referred to as a “Fresh Start” under the bankruptcy law and why we have this relief available to honest people who need it.

Because of these reasons, bankruptcy Tulsa and bankruptcy in Oklahoma generally necessary for residents who have done all they can to pay their debts. As a result, bankruptcy may be the best option to start fresh and our Tulsa Bankruptcy Lawyers can help you do exactly that.

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